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Writing the future.

The core purpose of education, we believe, is not just merely passing on the knowledge or a series of instructions, but to enable the kids with the necessary skills and an ability to think. Today, where everything is driven by science and innovation, there is a great need to ignite a passion for technology in young minds. Coding is one such skill that can put them on the other side of gadgets and equip them to be technology creators rather than mere consumers.

At Codinu, our highly qualified teaching team is dedicated to building such learning environments that nudge the students to be creative thinkers and problem solvers, opening doors to newer perspectives and brighter ideas.

From flexible learning space to different learning techniques. From individual focus to collaborative approach. We, at Codinu, sincerely believe in empowering the kids with the right tools and abilities, helping them write the future.

Meet our Founder and CEO, Sakina Fakhruddin


Sakina launched Codinu to pursue her passion for education and coding; and to provide and promote an all-inclusive, fun and collaborative environment for kids to learn to code. Being a mom, she believes in empowering every child to change the world through code.

Prior to founding Codinu, Sakina was a Senior Consultant at Corporate Technology Solutions, Milwaukee WI. She started her career at IBM as a Software Engineer. She holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. Sakina is actively involved with organizations like Girls Who Code and Code.org.